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A bit of background
I have been involved in motorcycle racing since my early childhood and have many happy memories of travelling with dad Bill to compete at the Northern race circuits. Naturally enough, as soon as I commenced my engineering apprenticeship I took to riding myself, but after a few too many scares tearing round my local roads it dawned upon me that I had better do something safer regarding motorbikes, so before my luck ran out I started racing myself in 1980.
My keen interest in classic & vintage motorcycles was inherited from Dad, this being the result of countless hours spent in his garage watching him prepare his own and customer’s machinery. On apprentices wages, the choice of putting together an old box of bits 350 'Inter' Norton and going racing with the VMCC seemed appropriate, I remember future BSB superstar John Reynolds coming to the same conclusion, he with considerably more success than I could ever even dream of...

It took a while for me to get the hang of things, but from very modest beginnings I managed to progress thankfully to a capable level, culminating in many race podiums, wins and championships over the years.
I have always prided myself on my machine preparation and have always enjoyed this side of racing as much, if not possibly more than the racing itself.
I have been extremely fortunate in being taken under the wing of many talented, kind-hearted people during my racing years, these people shared their knowledge selflessly with me. This knowledge I have continually built upon, leading me to where the business is today. These people all know who they are and I sincerely thank you all.

We started Minnovation racing in 2004 running alongside our company's main business Minnovation Ltd, namely mining dust suppression & equipment, thus explaining our company name, Mining-innovation.
We began our business preparing classic machinery for our customers, and seized the opportunity to buy George Beale’s G50 engine business when it was offered to us in 2006.
We have carefully re - developed and refined the engine to the stage that we are very proud to be able to offer it and our chassis components to our fellow enthusiasts.

Martin Page
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